My ears are full. My heart is heavy. My eyes are tearing. My sleep disturbed. Our children are dying.  Not a physical death. Thank God for that.  But from something worse than that. Dearth of values.
We are faced with children with no sense of value, no direction, no identity and with total loss of conscience. The so called milenials.

I  never dreamt that we would get to this level of decadence when our children would unashamedly pull down their clothes in the public with the intention to rape with adults applauding
I never thought I would come to a day when our police will publicly deny and rubbish a ctime with eye witnesses includin a good samaritan of no mean repute. 

The nascent issue of rape is just one of the social problems we have with our youths. Robbery, 419, homosexuality, examination malpractices,  are but a few.
What are mothers doing? What are the fathers doing.
A lot of homes today have absentee fathers

In our pursuit for money and career we have left "unpursued", unattended, unnurtured what matters most.
We are in era when we blame Government for everything.
An era when nannies and drivers have replaced the sacred roles of the parents.
An era when children are permitted to indulge in whatever they like in order not to dusturb parents.
An era when televisions and the social media have become the real life guides. An era when parents send their children to unknown mentors, to summer camps; anywhere as long as they are kept busy and away from home!
An era when both mummy and daddy leave home before the children wake up for breakfast and get home after they have gone to bed.
An era when most of the things parents know about their children is as reported by nanny,  driver and school teacher.

I remember growing up, I always came home after school to meet my mum. Most times the food was ready but if not you quietly changed and joined her in the kitchen. 

We too can be there for our children. Granted times have changed. Mothers no longer have that luxury but there are things we can do to bridge the gap.
For example mothers should look for  flexible jobs that make parenting easy. The sad thing today is that such jobs are no longer attractive to mothers because of their personal wants and not needs. I am one of the advocates of women inclusion and equality but when it comes to our children we must draw a line. There is no sacrifice too great for our children. The presence of at least one parent especially the mother at home will among other things ensure that the spiritual, emotional, cultural and  physical growth of the child.

By the way, how long father,  how long mother, do you think or know you have on earth to spend with your children?

We may not be like Sweden where  mothers are paid to stay home to parent their children at the crucial years of their lives. However the Government can put policies in place; like flexible working hours for mothers as well as ensure that even so they earn equal salaries with their male counterparts.  Government must step up their financial empowerment programmes for women to make it easy for them to be self employed.
We all need to do this if indeed we are looking for stable, upright, honest children who will "attain great lofty heights" and build a nation where peace and justice reigns. 

We just celebrated another children's day. By the next children's day what will be the fate of your child? Only you can answer that question. However my prayer is that they will be counted among the LIVING.

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Well said Nkechi. Value reorientation surely starts from home through Parental Guidance / leadership.

It's always very disheartening & scary whenever I read stories such as this!! It's so sad that our society has given room to all kinds of western and foreign influx of all sorts into our system to a pint where it has become the norm.
Yes..I say the Gov is to blame as always..we lack leadership and control..Any country doing well receives kudos from the top..Laws are meant to be implimented to tackle issues from the grass roots!!
Good educational systems..Hospitals..Power..Security..System that works..
A country where it's citizens provide practically everything for themselves
It's gives room for misdemeanor and decadence.
Children have magnetic brains..they copy wat they see & experience.
Once there's no control..The result is always regrettable!
You can't give what you don't have..Our kids are in grave danger.
Parents are too engrossed with the pursuit for happiness and d good life both for themselves and the kids..Both parents are caught up in the hustle therefore gets distracted from their responsibilities of parenting.
A lot has to be sacrificed for our children to conform and be our hope for the future!
Our Movies..Oue Music..Our Fashion..Our Foods etc have contributed gravely in the distraction of our children..Where a 5 year old kid will be seen @ a bday party twerking and displaying sexuality and obscene behaviors before their parents who'll be there applauding and hearing them on!!
Until we as parents take the bull by the horns and apply the old saying ..Charity begins @ home!!

We have a lot of work on our hands as parents and we must fight these ills ourselves by starting with us.

I feel yu sir. A lot still depends on the parents

I feel yu sir. A lot still depends on the parents

This reflection is apt and a very timely one. The nation is going through a tumoil and there is need for women to create time to adequately showcase our values to the children. Thank you for an excellent piece.

This is a true summation of issues we are faced with. A clear and ever present danger that we all need to work against if we do not want it to consume our society as we used to know it

I thank ma for this great write up and a reminder that we need to go back to the ancient part that made us who we are today. I am of the opinion that we should stop over induindulging our children in name of "This twenty first century " .let's go back and give our children the same good values that our parents inculcated in us and our homes and nation will be a better place.

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